My name is Anastasia V. Pea. I live in San Francisco and work as a creative and art director in the events industry mainly for tech companies.

Experience design and experiential marketing is my area of expertise. Experience design is a multi-faceted area of design that includes different disciplines (from psychology and strategy to branding, ergonomics, and industrial design). Based on the strategy that stems from business plans and marketing goals, I offer experiential event design tactics, organizational solutions, creative ideas, and entertaining elements to build an event.
I create Disneyland for business.

Being an experience design specialist, the main focus of my work is people; attendees.
I get into their shoes and think through how they will digest information and how they will interact with a brand. I develop brand activations and scenarios that will attract customers into a deeper engagement with a brand. I think about how people will feel, how they will perceive communication with a brand, and how they will navigate a brand's experience.

Besides designing the process, I create environmental plans, tradeshows, roadshows, and the look and feel for virtual events. I work with visuals, shapes, physical structures, and navigation.
Along with working with tech companies, I participated in creating independent art shows and social-historic events.
I made some fun projects for these brands:
Some moments to remember:
BFA in Graphic Design 
      (Brigham Young University, Idaho, USA)
Specialist in Industrial Design
Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, Moscow, Russia)
International Exchange Program — Industrial Design                (Mudgeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, Mudgeburg, Germany)
Associate of Arts 
      (Feshin Art College, Kazan, Russia)
I would love to chat and meet new people:
phone:  208-709-3977
email:     vnastasia@gmail.com

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